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  • K. Georit George is currently pursuing a post graduate diploma in dance movement therapy and has a Masters in Yoga Shastra, Bachelor of Social Work, Diploma & Certification as a Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) practitioner. He also has diplomas in Yoga Shastra, Cupping, Ayurveda & Panchakarma. He was certified as a Reebok group fitness trainer for 3 yrs. & was an International Zumba Instructor for 4 yrs.​

  • He has trained under disciplines like Psychodrama, ABT, Restorative Justice, Peacemaking and Circle process, Victim Offender Dialogue (VOD), Trauma Healing & Resilience, iRest(USA), etc. He has been a part of International spiritual festivals so he works with different forms of temple arts mainly Yogic, Tantric, Shamanic, etc. to work with chakras & kundalini.

  • In 2016 he became the first guy to get certified from Tata Institute of Social Sciences as Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) Practitioner.

  • He is the first guy to work as arts based therapists in 3 jails around Mumbai. He does his private practice with individuals, couples, groups, NGO’s & Govt.

  • In 2018 he became the first guy in the world to get selected & complete Level 3 of DMT & trauma healing resilience training which is an Indo-US Program. He's now a part of their international curriculum building team.

  • He works with healing arts using his healing touch.​ For private or group classes at NachoGeo the sessions are designed as per the requirement and capabilities of clients so anyone ready to move is always welcome. He has worked with different and a wide range of groups comprising of bedridden and active people like Children, Women, Men, Physically challenged, People with special needs, Terminally ill patients and survivors, Men and children in correctional institutions, Senior citizens, etc.

  • Currently he works as a Therapist, Consultant, Fitness trainer and Dance teacher is involved in different therapy projects(PAN India) He is currently working as an expressive arts based therapist for the Home Department (India) - Prisons and correctional services in Maharashtra. He has been invited to be a member of TISS DMT interview panel for many years & has been conducting fitness & therapy sessions since last 8 yrs. for clients (Pvt/Couple's/Various groups & Corp's).

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